Meet Sombie –

He arrived at a rescue in Guadalajara, Mexico in August 2016. He and three other pups, about three weeks old, were dumped in a box at their gate. All were very week and dehydrated from being in the hot sun and no one thought they’d make it, especially Sombie who was the runt and the weakest. But all pulled through. Sombie is one of the most loving dogs, he follows staff around and seeks out their pets and attention.
This is from his foster family: “He’s 100% house trained and friendly with dogs and people. He will however bark when someone comes into the house. His bark is impressive, but he doesn’t bite. I recently fostered another litter of young pups and he was kind and patient with them. They were very much missing their mother, and he allowed them to snuggle up next to him for comfort.”
He flies into Portland January 20th from Guadalajara and would love a family to call his own.

Will you be his hero?