Meet Milo – he’s being fostered in Guadalajara, Mexico and will be coming to Oregon either in January or February.  Here is his story and what the rescue has to say about him:
Milo is about 10 months old. He was hit by a car when he was four months old which broke his leg. A local dentist took him to a vet for surgery and the leg was repaired. But something went wrong and they ended up amputating. The dentist was’t able to bring Milo to her home so he was boarded at the vet, in a small crate, for four months! When we went to pick him up, his eyes were full of joy. The entire car ride to the Ranch he sat in the back seat behind me, licking my face! When he got to the Ranch I put him in the play yard and this was the first time he’d been able to run for months. He reminded me of a rabbit, leaping through the grass! One thing bout Milo, he is the most joyous dog we have at the Ranch. It’s like he knows every day is a gift.
He’s good with other dogs, loves people but he does jump on you. He definitely needs training to overcome this bad habit – something we just can’t do at the Ranch with so many dogs.