Meet Jamie, he’s from Sayulita, Mexico and is under a year old. His rescue, SayulitAnimals and his foster family call him a ‘goof ball’.
Saulitanimals got him away from his neglective owner about 2 months ago – he was super mangy, scared and unsocialized.

Over the last 2 months he has been treated him for his mange and erlichia and is being fostered by a lovely couple who have 3 other dogs and cats and does great w/ them all.
Now that he’s healthy and socialized – he’s ready to find his forever family. He’ll be flying to Oregon as soon as we can get a flight volunteer for him.
This is what the rescue says about him:

He is still under one year and has turned into a real goofer. He is very attached to Jackie and Rob, his foster parents and loves to play and run around.
We rescued these two dogs and so glad we did. Such beautiful, sweet natured soles! Butter is lively and happy, gets along well with other dogs, but like most yellow labs definitely loves his people.