Meet Frita

Frita was picked up off the street in St. Thomas Virgin Island with a chicken bone she was not about to get rid of or share with anyone. She had just given birth but sadly with many attempts to find her puppies, they were never found. When we rescued her she was around 2 years old and we determined she probably had many liters of puppies in those short 2 years.  She now lives in Monmouth Oregon and is spoiled rotten!

“We currently had a rescue from California and Frita from St. Thomas Virgin Islands is a perfect companion. Frita, being a former street dog, has such a different background, but she is the most affectionate, sweet dog ever. Rescue dogs are so grateful and loving, even when you take them out of paradise to rainy Oregon. Thank you Street Dog Hero, honored to be one of the firsts.”

~ Karen Weldon in Monmouth, Oregon