Meet Camaron

Meet Camaron Rescued Dog

This little guy was found in January 2017 on the streets of Cancun, Mexico starving, dehydrated, covered in fleas & ticks and had a bad case of mange. The kind soul that rescued him called him Camaron (aka: Shrimp).

Meet Camaron Rescued Dog

He is now living it up and very spoiled with his new family in Madras, Oregon.

Meet Camaron Rescued Dog Meet Camaron Rescued Dog

“We couldn’t be happier to have Camaron’! He’s so sweet and gentle. We’re still trying to figure out who loves who more, us or him! There is a bit of a language barrier. We are learning Spanish and Camaron’ is learning English! We’re enjoying watching him experience new things. He is quickly becoming the most spoiled dog ever. His story is one to be told for sure and people are amazed at how far he has come! Without Street Dog Hero it wouldn’t have been possible to have him in our lives! It has been wonderful working with you! You are doing an amazing thing by saving these animals. Your organization is the best I have come across yet! The best part is that you are doing this because you love the animals! I encourage anyone looking for a new family member to go through Street Dog Hero! Thank you for this precious little guy!”
–Paige, Kelsie, and Poquito Camaron’ in Madras, Oregon