Meet Bandit

A tourist found a skinny dog who was badly injured behind their hotel while they were vacationing in Tulum, Mexico. They contacted a rescue in the area and luckily the dog didn’t wander too far and was rescued near the hotel looking for food.

Sadly, he had a very bad injury to his front paw (which was very complex and seemed to be human inflicted). The injury was too old to be able to heal and there was quite a bit of infection that he couldn’t overcome. He was treated for over two weeks with antibiotics but his infection didn’t budge, and so the decision was made to amputate his front leg.

He recovered fabulously and his spirit was fantastic throughout the whole ordeal. He’s simply one of the most affectionate and happiest dogs we’ve ever seen!

Bandit was adopted by a local vet in town and now lives in Redmond, Oregon.