Foster Home Application & Agreement

If interested in becoming a Street Dog Hero foster, please complete this foster application. Applications must contain a vet reference and 2 personal references (not related to you) and be completed in their entirety. Should you have any questions please email us at
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  • Please note the Street Dog Hero works with Plateau Veterinary Hospital. They offer us generous rescue pricing and make medical care affordable for all of our dogs. Please note that unless your foster pet is having an immediate and life-threatening emergency, you MUST contact Plateau (541-797-6970) or Street Dog Hero (541-390-4232). This ensures that our vets treat our pets, and that you incur no out-of-pocket fees beyond our means. In the event of a dire emergency, please let us know immediately so that we may work together to come up with a treatment plan agreeable to all parties
  • Please provide two references we can contact if needed:
  • •Your foster dog may not be house-trained and puppies can be messy. You understand he/she may have accidents in your home. •Like many dogs, your foster may chew on furniture, clothing, or other objects. You are comfortable with and will work to correct this behavior. The foster home is responsible for any damage. •You agree to keep your foster dog on a leash, in an enclosed area where they cannot escape, or inside your home at all times. •You will NOT take your foster animal to a veterinarian or administer medications unless directed to do so by Street Dog Hero. Street Dog Hero will not reimburse foster volunteers for any unapproved veterinary expenses. •Representatives from Street Dog Hero may need to contact or visit you to discuss the foster animal. You agree to be entirely honest and forthright in regard to your foster pet’s condition, be it positive or negative. •There is some risk to your own animals, especially if your foster animals are not kept separate. You understand that the Street Dog Hero is not responsible for your own pet’s medical treatment. •Street Dog Hero is the legal guardian of your foster animal. You understand Street Dog Hero has the final authority in regard to the animal’s adoption, treatment or disposition. •You will not leave your foster animal in the care of another person, including potential adopters, without approval from Street Dog Hero first. •If you are interested in fostering to adopt, there is a 72 hour/3 day maximum for you to make a final decision. If you do not choose to adopt, Street Dog Hero may make the appropriate arrangements to transfer the dog to another foster/adopter.
  • As a foster parent for Street Dog Hero, you agree to care for your assigned pet until he/she finds a permanent home. Based on the answers to your application, Street Dog Hero will choose the pet to be placed in your home. If you decide you want to adopt your foster pet, you will have priority. Upon assignment of a foster pet, a Street Dog Hero representative will contact you to schedule a family visit to meet your potential foster. You will need to bring everyone that lives in your household. If you are going to foster a dog or puppy, we also want you to bring any current dogs living at your house. We want to make sure your foster pet is the best match possible. By signing this form, you agree to the above statements and certify that the answers given above are true. Completion of this application does not guarantee acceptance as a Street Dog Hero foster. By my signature below, I hereby affirm that the information provided on this application, by me, is truthful and complete to the best of my knowledge.
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