Foster Agreement

All fosters must be over the age of 21 unless otherwise granted permission under specific circumstances from an authorized Street Dog Hero representative.
  • Please review ALL the information you have provided to verify that it is current and truthful before you submit your foster care agreement. By my signature below I hereby affirm that the info provided on this foster care agreement by me is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I also understand and agree that any misrepresentation or omission may preclude me from an offer of fostering or may result in a withdrawal of a fostering offer, or may result in the animal being reclaimed by Street Dog Hero if the foster care agreement contract has already been completed at the time the misrepresentation or omission is discovered.
  • Release of Liability

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  • Internal Use Only

Street Dog Hero Guidelines:

  1. Only the designated Street Dog Hero members shall approve and place rescued animals into foster homes. Your Foster Care contact must be notified as soon as possible of any changes in the status of either the animal in your care or the foster home environment you have indicated above.
  2. All animals placed in foster care will have been given/will be given all necessary immunizations and either already or will be scheduled to be spayed or neutered. Foster understands that due to stress and other circumstances, rescue animals can have ailments common to shelter animals such as ear mites, kennel cough, parasites etc. that may be transmissible to Foster’s other animals, and will not hold Street Dog Hero liable for any veterinary expenses incurred by Foster’s existing animals if such a situation should occur.
  3. All basic medical and general expenses will be covered by Street Dog Hero.
  4. The Street Dog Hero rescued animal must wear his/hers’ Street Dog Hero ID Tag, or an ID tag provided by Foster with Foster’s name, address, and phone numbers at all times, and must be on a leash or in a secure pet carrier when outside of its foster home and yard. During transport, the Street Dog Hero rescued animal must ride inside the car.
  5. Your Foster Care Contact must be notified immediately if the animal in your care is injured or missing, and any reimbursements for emergency medical care must be pre-approved by Street Dog Hero prior to treatment. If it is deemed by Street Dog Hero that any veterinary expenses incurred by the animal are a direct result of negligence by the Foster (For example: poor supervision when dealing with multiple animals resulting in injury, unsupervised yard play resulting in injury, an animal getting lose due to lack of supervision resulting in injury, insufficient water/food provided resulting in jury such as malnutrition/dehydration, off-leash play resulting in injury. *PLEASE respect all leash laws in your area. Street Dog Hero animals must remain on a leash at all times outside a securely fenced yard.), expenses for treatment of said conditions will be paid 100% by the Foster.
  6. Ownership of all rescued animals remains with Street Dog Hero until such time as proper adoption is completed. No rescued animal may be adopted, transferred, or relinquished without the approval by the authorized representative of Street Dog Hero.
  7. Only authorized representatives of Street Dog Hero will conduct interviews, home visits and adoptions.
  8. Adoptions will be deemed consummated only after completion of the Adoption Contract, receipt of the agreed upon donation, and final approval by the authorized representative of Street Dog Hero.
  9. Your foster dog may not be house-trained and puppies can be messy. You understand he/she may have accidents in your home. •Like many dogs, your foster may chew on furniture, clothing, or other objects. You are comfortable working with this behavior. The foster home is responsible for any damage. •You agree to keep your foster dog on a leash, enclosed area or inside your home at all times. •You will NOT take your foster animal to a veterinarian or administer medications unless directed to do so by Street Dog Hero. Street Dog Hero will not reimburse foster volunteers for any unapproved veterinary expenses. •There is some risk to your own animals, especially if your foster animals are not kept separate. You understand that the Street Dog Hero is not responsible for your own pet’s medical treatment.


Street Dog Hero Contact:

Primary Street Dog Hero Contact: Marianne Cox Telephone: (541) 390-4232