Meet Mochito! Mochito was a little unsure of his new surroundings when he first arrived but now he has become quite the cuddle bug. He is around 4-5 yrs old and weighs 35 lbs. His foster says that he is still a bit nervous but is great with other dogs and is great on car rides. He loves walks and hikes but aside from that prefers to be inside. He is very mellow and calm and prefers a calm environment. He was rescued in a very poor village near Guadalajara Mexico as a little puppy who had one leg chewed almost off by a rat and then cut off all the way with scissors by someone. A kind soul finally helped him and brought him to a vet where they clean up the leg to ensure it healed properly. Now he runs and plays like any other 4 legged dog! Mochito is a very loving and sweet dog who gets along with all other dogs and people. He is currently being fostered in Bend, Oregon. Will you be Mochito’s hero?