Our Story:

Founded by Marianne Cox in 2017, SDH strives to be exactly what our name says – to be heroes to animals around the world who are suffering and ignored.

We believe each life counts and each dog saved helps to support our purpose and raises awareness. That one dog, saved and now living the American dream, will have their story told over and over again, thus spreading the word in the most effective way – through firsthand experience. Unfortunately, these dogs abroad don’t have people working on their behalf to improve their lives or change the culture they live in. We are their voices. Our hope is to inspire change by raising awareness of the issues these dogs face – both abroad and locally.

We depend on fosters to make this all possible and without fosters we would not be able to save these animals.

We are a registered 501c3 non-profit EIN#82-0916174 in Bend, Oregon.

Adopting A Dog:

The first step to adopting a dog from SDH is to complete the adoption application.  The application usually takes a few days to be approved.  Once you complete an application, it is good for all dogs and saved for future use.
Once approved you are able to adopt a dog that is the right fit for you and your family and also fits your lifestyle.
To adopt a dog, you must complete an adoption contract and pay an adoption fee of $250.   The adoption contract helps cover some of our costs.  On average per dog it costs us between $250-$700 for vetting, transport, sterilization and more.
All dogs are rescued and put in foster care in their home countries and do not transport to Street Dog Hero until they are healthy and ready to be adopted.  All dogs before they fly are vetted with standard vaccines and rabies, dewormed, given flea/tick treatments, tested for heartworm (and sadly, if the dog tests positive for heartworm we are not able to transport them until they have undergone treatment in their home country (which new adopter pays for). They must test negative and be started on heartworm preventative before they can fly to their new homes). We also try to spay and neuter the dogs before they fly, but in some cases this does not happen and then we will spay/neuter them once they arrive.  ALL animals MUST be sterilized within a month of arriving – and SDH will do this and cover the cost.
We also cover the dogs transport to you and once they arrive they get vetted again with a vet we work with.
All SDH dogs (and cats) receive a lifetime of support.

Our Team

Marianne Cox
Marianne Cox

Marianne Cox

Marianne has always been surrounded by animals and is always the first to stop what she’s doing to help or rescue anything. After her first trip to Mexico while in college the sight of street dogs stayed with her and she dreamed of one day saving at least one of them. Twenty years later her dream became reality when she decided to not only save one, but hundreds and started her own international rescue. She lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband Chris, two kids Bella & Colton and their3 dogs and a cat – she has adopted one of her rescues and I’m sure this number will go up….

Amy Percell
Amy Percell

Amy Percell

I was born with a huge love of animals. There have been very few times in my life that I have not had a dog by my side. I currently live in Bend, OR with two dogs. Adelaide a Golden Retriever and Sydney my scruffy little terrier rescue. Sydney was found on the streets in Fresno, CA and was saved by a rescue in Redding with her pregnant mom when they were put on the list to be euthanized at the humane society. Sydney was a true street dog, unfamiliar with many things and afraid of almost everything. I think the moment I knew she truly felt safe and loved was when she could fall asleep without waking up every time I moved. While she is still very cautious of people and startles easily, Sydney has blossomed in the last two years and it has been amazing to watch. This little girl is the reason why I am here. I hope to give more street dogs a life of love and happiness instead of fear and hopelessness while bringing all of the love they have to offer to families who are willing to take a chance on the underdogs of the world.

Rebekah Zimmerman
Rebekah Zimmerman

Rebekah Zimmerman

I am no stranger to the rescue game – we have been blessed with many a rescue in our lives and adored every single one of them! Our family currently includes Junior a 9 year old rescue from Washington who has been with us since he was 8 weeks old, his mom was found wandering and pregnant and either needed a foster family or was to be euthanized before giving birth – lucky for us she was scooped up by a local rescue and we got this handsome fella as a result of their compassion! We recently added George ‘Georgie pordgie pudding pie’ as he is fondly called by 3 year old son. While George is not a traditional rescue story we happened upon his mom through friends trying to secure loving homes for an unexpected litter and we jumped at the chance to have a puppy our son could grow up with. Being a part of Street Dog Hero helps me further my passion for rescuing pups in need and ensuring that these sweet and deserving pups lead a happy healthy life!

Anne Hofweber

Anne Hofweber
Board Member

I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. My first rescue was in first grade, when I convinced my parents to let me start feeding a stray cat. Fast forward a few decades when I took a trip to Yucatan and became traumatized by the stray dogs on the highways, streets and beaches. While I was there I completed the adoption process for a Warm Springs stray I was fostering (even though we already had 3 dogs) and I knew I needed to do more to help. When I heard about Street Dog Hero I immediately reached out to see what I could do and have been helping however I can. I am in awe of the dedication that Marianne has and all that she and the wonderful volunteers are accomplishing through Street Dog Hero.


Bend, Oregon: We fly dogs into the Bend/Redmond Airport (RDM). Once here they are fostered until they find their forever homes.

Portland, Oregon: Many dogs fly into the Portland Airport (PDX). We have fosters in Portland who keep the dogs until they find a ride to Bend, Oregon or their forever home in the Portland Metropolitan area.

Seattle, Washington: Dogs who fly from South Korea fly to Sea-Tac International Airport (SEA) where they are picked up and driven to Bend or Portland Oregon, where they meet their foster family or forever home.

We are always looking for volunteers interested in helping with airport pick ups, transporting & fostering in Seattle, Portland & Bend.