Meet KC

KC Resue Dog

KC Resue Dog KC Resue Dog KC Resue Dog

Chaparro was our very first rescue from Tipic, Mexico. His new name is KC. He lives with a family in Bend, Oregon who has another large dog and these two have become best buds.

KC was rescued off the streets in Tepic Mexico in early February 2017. He was around 7 months old. The family who saved him and took him in lived near where he lived as a small pup. They said as a small pup he was tied up with a short leash where he couldn’t even put his front legs to the ground. He had to stand like this for hours and hours. After a couple of months the people who had him tied up didn’t want him anymore and let him out on the street where he had to find his own food and fend for himself. He was starving and found food by going thru all the neighbors trash. The neighbors saw him as a nuisance as he was always in their trash trying to find food. He got hit and kicked a lot and was yelled out often. Word got around that one woman was about to poison him as she was tired of him. This is when this family stepped in, took him off the street where he then lived with 9 other dogs and 7 cats until Street Dog Hero came to visit him and immediately fell in love. He was the perfect dog for our first rescue. Besides being beautiful, he’s gentle, kind, friendly and loves life despite his early ordeal.

“KC has made a great addition to our family! There was the typical (& not so typical!) adjustment period that was complicated a bit by the language barrier. But all in all, he has melded great with the Murphy clan and formed an inseparable bond with my other dog, Kollin. We have been casually looking for our second dog for a couple of years now, with the first priority being that he had to be a match for our rough and tumble, 100lb Kollin Dog who’s greatest joy is hours (upon hours) of tug of war. Turns out, that is KC’s favorite game and the two of them play all day! There are a lot of American things that came as a surprise to him, though. He still doesn’t know what the TV is about and will bark or growl at certain scenes, especially if we are watching Breaking Bad. He had no idea what he was supposed to do at dog park at first, so his first few visits he just laid quietly under a bench. Now, he fully engages in play, fetches the ball, and even swims in the pond at Big Sky! He is enjoying life in America and in the Murphy home and it has been a great pleasure watching him relax and just be a dog.”
–Vicki Murphy in Bend, Oregon